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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What is Charles drinking?

Through this blog you will get to know our department heads a little better.  They will be featuring their favorites, recipes and ideas to help you experience new things.

First on our feature will be the head of our beer department, Charles Lyons.  He has been with our company for many years and LOVES to share his indepth knowledge of the fast growing beer industry.  Come in and chat with him and you will quickly see his love and knowledge of beer.

$8.59 cash price (per 6 pack)

At the moment, I cannot think of a more pleasant summer surprise than the subtle, fruity ale that is Alaskan Brewing's current seasonal.  It has come to me as no surprise that a region long reknowned for it's harsh winters and cavernous geography should foster such a resplendid Kolsch.  I find the bright, golden hues inviting - bordering on seductive.  In the eye alone one notices some flirty similarities with Czech pilsner and domestic but eurocentric pilsner.  Full and dry, yet soft, blonde and languid.  A lager-conditioned ale delivering excellent points of character from both sides.

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