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Cheese and Cracker Combos

Whether served as a casual snack or delightfully simple party appetizer, Ile de France fromage with crackers and gourmet accompaniments makes a true délicieux delight.
To make an effortless platter, gather a few cheeses featuring different textures and milk types. Ile de France Brie, Roquefort Blue Cheese, Goat Cheese and a hard cheese like Etorki are a great combination. Then, line up a few kinds of crackers Рlike flat bread style, whole grain and oakcake. For something a little more refined, try making your own baguette crackers. Simply cut a frais loaf into very thin slices, then thoroughly toast them or bake until crisp. Our Brie and Camembert are d̩licieux with baguette and are ideal for serving with hearty pairings like sliced turkey, ham, tomatoes and cucumbers.
Gourmet Option: Ile de France Cracker Pizzas
Mini pizzas on crackers are delightfully crunchy. Crispy flat bread varieties make superb canvases for fromage and easily become bite sized pizzas. Just toss some chopped tomatoes and crumbled Goat Cheese on your cracker of choice and top with a bit of thyme, salt and pepper. Bake them at 375 until the cheese is melted - the flavor will deepen during the brief cooking time!
Gourmet Cracker Combos
Serve these delicious cheese pairings with crackers for a truly gourmet platter!
  • Ile de France Goat Cheese with Honey and Almonds
  • Ile de France Goat Cheese with sliced zucchini
  • Goat Cheese with Sliced Red Pepper and Tomatoes
  • Goat Cheese with Smoke Salmon
  • Ile de France Brie with Prosciutto and Persimmons
  • Brie with Sliced Turkey and Cherry Chutney
  • Ile de France Roquefort with Roast Beef
  • Saint Agur with Sliced Apples with and Honey

Matching Cheeses with White Wines
Versatile and refreshing, white wines are a delightful complement to Ile de France cheeses
The best wine and cheese pairings feature a delightful balance of flavors and textures. While red wines often offer bolder flavors, they can dominate all but the most robust cheeses. With white wine, it's easier to achieve a delicious harmony - especially with our deliciously creamy French fromage! Plus, white wines are refreshing and taste great chilled during the warmer months ahead.
In general, white wines offer a sweet, citrus flavor that is crisp and zesty. These qualities make them delicious with salty, creamy cheeses. While the flavors are divine together, the textures are an even better match. White wines are invigoratingly acidic, and penetrate through the smooth cheeses to create a truly delicious sensation.
Cheese and White Wine Matching Guide
Riesling with hard cheeses like Fol Epi and Etorki
Flowery aromas and a high acidity level make Rieslings a great match for Etorki, a smooth cheese with a velvety texture that's rich with hazelnut, almost burnt caramel-esque flavors.
Sauvignon blanc with Ile de France Goat Cheese
French Sauvignon blanc wines, like Pouilly-Fume or Sancerre from the Loire Valley of France, deliver beautiful flavors when matched with Ile de France Goat cheese and its slightly salty, tangy profile. This pairing offers unparalleled freshness.
Sauternes with Ile de France Roquefort 
Sweeter white wines pair best with blue cheeses. Sauternes with our creamy, bold Roquefort is a fantastic pair, as the drink enhances the cheese's saltiness and incredibly smooth profile.
Jura Whites Wine lle de France Normandy Camembert
This nutty, full-bodied wine is delicious with our creamy and soft-textured Camembert. The offers the wonderful flavor of traditional farmhouse French camembert, which really comes alive along side the zesty wine.

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