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Monday, February 4, 2013

Come In And See What Charles Drinking .

               Consider a good amber--soft, inviting caramel hues.  Compound this with an immediate, sensational (but never abbrassive) aroma, supporting a thick, dark, creamy head that fosters rich notes of honey and brown sugar.  NOT typical of most craft ambers.  And the subtle but articulate approach of dried fruits (raison, apricot), black walnut, and an almost apologetically moderate hop.  The picture being painted on your pallet should resemble this beer:  Full Sail Amber.  It should be noted that this beer travels along way from a great home just to be with us--from Forthood, Oregon.  Mike Jackson--one of the world's foremost authorities  on lagers, ales, alt-bier, lambics, you-name-it, refers to the Pacific Northwest as "Munich-On-The-Williamette [a regional river system]."  More beer is brewed per capita in the Pacific Northwest than anywhere else in the world.  In southeast Texas, one mwould be wise to remember:  If you can find beer from Washington or Oregon state(s), buy 'em and try 'em.  Most of the regions beer never crosses the state line.  And, as the weather has been unseasonable, so must we:  Full Sail Amber is, thankfully, a year-round release that will go just as well with a winter's chili (or gumbo) as it will with light, smokey summer sausages.

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