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Monday, May 6, 2013


Flavor.  It's the Reason for the Season. It is Where It's At.  It's the first thing we look for and the last thing we let go of when we go out.  Why sell yourself short on beer?  Recommendations are a slippery slope to we beer lovers, for we love them and find little fault in most of them.  But craft beer lovers can be pallet-wreckers--not unlike 18-year olds in a voting booth:  we swing way to the left, never compromising flavor for fill, endorsing deep, russian imperial stouts, or to the radical right, casting our dollar-votes for hop-howling IPAs that take the roof right off your mouth.  And, as time give season, distance lends perspective, experience tempers us and we learn to appreciate the middle ground we have left untrodden.  Karbach Brewing is the latest and greatest thing out of the craft world.  The brewmaster is a graduate of the beer school at Weihenstephan--the world's oldest brewery and, therefore, the place to expect such craftmanship as we see from Karbach.  When we think of middle-ground, we think of lagers, wheat brews, and pale ales.  Might I suggest, as a simple, no-brainer substitute for your usual staple lager, Sympathy for the Lager.  For those of us who can't leave a good porch in the summer, try the refreshing, lighter Weisse-Versa.  And you pale ale lovers--you know who you are, how about a saison?  Not a big buy on one huge bottle shipped from over 2,000 miles away, but a good-ole' sixer brewed right in our own back yard?  It's simple. It's sweet. It's soft and subtle and sure for a smile.  I currently have enough karbach on hand to , so have at it.  Get it, get home, and crack one open.  You'll likely be drinking one with me. 

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